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Light Of Day Lillestrøm 2022 / Kulturpuben Lillestrøm / 8. des

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Light Of Day Lillestrøm 2022 er en veldedighetskonsert til inntekt for forskning og bekjempelse av Parkinsons sykdom.
Light of Day henter navnet sitt fra Springsteen-sangen med samme navn og er en organisasjon som generer inntekter til forskning på Parkinsons sykdom.
Siden 2000 har det vært arrangert årlige konserter i New Jersey i USA, og der har Bruce Springsteen selv dukket opp uanmeldt og spilt ved de aller fleste anledninger.
For tolvte gang kommer Light of Day turnèen til Norge, og årets konsert blir igjen arrangert på Kulturpuben Lillestrøm.

Du bestemmer selv billettprisen, alt ettersom hvor mye du vil støtte Parkinsons saken. Velg mellom 250 kr, 350 kr eller 450 kr inkl.  billettgebyr

Dørene åpnes kl 19.00

Artist Bios:

Joe D'Urso -

Joe D'Urso has released 16 records since 1991, the most recent being 2021's "Live From The Upstage" and 2022's "What Would Pete Do". D'Urso remains true to an ideal inspired by the late Harry Chapin: that it is essential to help the less fortunate. He currently sits on the board of directors for The Light of Day Foundation, which raises awareness and funds for Parkinson's disease research and the board of WhyHunger and is a founding member of Artists Against Hunger and Poverty. In his home area of Rockland and Bergen counties (NY/NJ), Joe is a member of the Dan Sullivan Foundation, which raises money for college scholarships and folks who have experienced medical hardships. Joe is the founder and owner of the Rockland- Bergen Music Festival which takes place every June on the borders of New York and New Jersey and is also a minority owner of the legendary C.B.G.B.

Miss Emily -

In February of 2020, only days after Miss Emily celebrated the Maple Blues triple crown of Female Vocalist, New Artist and Sapphire Blues Video of the year, the world shut down. You could still hear the roar of the crowd as the door slammed shut on performances, recording and almost everything else in the music industry. For the first time in two decades, Miss Emily had an empty calendar. With no frame of reference for pandemics or lockdowns, it took some time to understand what the next steps should be. Somewhere between virtual shows and long nights sequestered in the music room, an idea began to take shape. In March of 2022 Miss Emily, “LIVE at the Isabel” was nominated for the JUNO Blues Album of the Year. Her work ethic was forged in the foundries of Southern Ontario’s bars and nightclubs. Her resilience is a product of 20 years in an industry that can be, at best, “unfriendly” towards women. She has an innovative spirit and creative force born out of necessity, and her incomparable vocals are surpassed only by her electrifying, roof-rattling performances.

Jeffrey Gaines -

Jeffrey Gaines has been heralded for his soul-searching lyrics and his powerful live performances. With only his voice and a guitar for accompaniment. Throughout his career, Gaines has built a rapport with his fans unlike any other in popular music today. Gaines goes as far as letting his fans influence the songs he performs each night. "When it's just me playing, I only know the first song I'm going to play, but from there the energy and the vibe tell me what the next song is gonna be. Someone may yell a song, and I'm like 'Exactly! Good call.' That's so fun to me, keeping it really exciting and spontaneous. I don't even know what's around the corner, and the crowd doesn't either." 

Ben Arnold -

Ben Arnold is reintroducing himself. A songwriter, musician, performer and producer, he remains a longtime fixture on the Philadelphia musical landscape. He has toured regularly throughout the country as well as Europe for the better part of the last 25 years. Originally signed to Columbia Records in the 90's, Ben has since released countless label supported and independent records over the decades. Always down for the challenge of re-invention and experimentation, you will see him constantly visiting far-flung points on the musical map. He has, for years been involved in collaborative projects such as 4 Way Street (Sanctuary/BMG), US Rails (Blue Rose/Europe), the Los Angeles based indie rock band Pistol For Ringo as well as David Uosikinnen's In The Pocket: Essential Songs Of Philadelphia. His most recent releases "Lost Keys” and “Sunday Morning Meltdown” explore the feel, culture and politics of American music of the 60s-70s thru the lens of the questions of the here and now. With a crusty, curmudgeonly, but loving take on the world around, Ben Arnold continues to reveal more of himself with every record and live performance.

Rob Dye -

Music has always been a part of Dye’s life. He logs over 150 shows a year, whether it’s as a duo or with a band playing covers along the Jersey Shore to touring the country and overseas in the groups Holiday Express and Light Of Day. “I love music, all styles. Period. It can be a great ballad, a silly sing-along, a hard-hitting social commentary or just a great riff. If it’s written well and moves you, then ‘mission accomplished’ – the songwriter has done his or her job. I’m more than happy to take what these great songwriters have done and share that with an audience. Hopefully my music will do the same.”


Cocktail Slippers is a five-piece, all-female rock band from Oslo, Norway. Current band members are: Hope (vocals), Rocket Queen (guitar), Vega (guitar), Miss A-OK (drums) and Sugar(bass ). Cocktail Slippers was formed in 2001 and has since released three studio albums and two Christmas singles. They are known for their entertaining live rock ′n roll performances and have played alongside artists such as Nancy SinatraCrowded HouseElvis Costello and The Strokes.[1][2] The band is continuously touring Europe and the USA.


The Light of Day Foundation, Inc., utilizes the awesome power of music to raise money and awareness in its continuing battle to defeat Parkinson’s disease and related neuro-degenerative diseases, specifically Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), within our lifetime. The Foundation’s mission is to fund research into possible cures, improved treatments and support for patients who suffer from those diseases, their families and their caregivers to help improve their quality of life. Gifts to the Light of Day Foundation, Inc. are tax-deductible to the full extent of the Internal Revenue Code. The Light of Day Foundation, Inc. is designated by the IRS as a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) organization. The Light of Day Foundation, Inc.'s Federal ID # is 20-1560386. Light of Day - the concerts and the organization - grew from a birthday party and fund- raiser held in 1998 at the Downtown Cafe in Red Bank to celebrate the 40th birthday of artist manager and music industry veteran Bob Benjamin, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1996.

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